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Tipsy Stix is an innovative concept that aimed to bring to market Ready-to-Drink Vodka Freezies.

My role in this project was to write and develop a comprehensive business plan showcasing a viable business model for their company in order to help them gain approval from a government regulated body known as the AGLC.




Business Strategy
Market Research
Financial Modelling

  • Helped develop and improve the company's overall business model.

  • Gathered data and analyzed industry trends in order to determine viability.

  • Developed a 3-year financial forecast in order to estimate potential revenue.


4 weeks to completion

Team Size

Individual project


the problem statement

The company was in the early stages of development and needed help structuring their business model. In addition, they were planning on entering a heavily regulated industry that required the submission of a detailed business plan to the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.


business plan case study.png

market analysis highlights

research and findings

industry overview 1.png
indudstry overview 2.png


Conducted a competitive analysis to assess strengths and weaknesses of the company's closest competitors in order to better identity overall market opportunities and threats.

swot analysis.png
swot analysis 2.png

buyer persona

Determined the brand’s main target markets to be male and females between 20-45 years old with a buyer persona with interests in the following activities or similar lifestyles:

Summer Cocktails

summer Parties

Dancing Women

summer festivals

Group Pool Party

pool & patio hangouts

Camp Fire

summer cottage gatherings

buyer pesona

solution to the problem

In order to help bring the product to market, I wrote a detailed business plan that includes sections related to the company profile, market research, sales, marketing, operations, along with an in-depth financial forecast and projected cash flow. See below the outline of the final written document:

Business Plan Section.png




The business plan was approved by the AGLC and as a result the company was able to bring their product to market and successfully launched at in the Spring/Summer 2021.

Measuring success

As of January 2022, Tipsy Stix is now available for purchase in over 100 liquor stores all across Alberta and is planning on continuing to further expand.


Every project that I work on always teaches me something new and valuable...

In this case, I had the opportunity to validate the structure of how I typically create business plans, all while familiarizing myself with the development process of a product that heavily depends on the approval of a regulated government body in order to be able to move forward. In addition, writing an in-depth business plan always contributes to improving my overall writing, market research and financial forecasting skills.  

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