MTM Design & Business Solutions is here to help you develop a business model that will allow you to successfuly launch your start-up or help scale your existing company. Our business solutions division focuses on creating custom professional business plans, as well as providing you with insightful business advice that will not only allow you to create an efficient strategy to manage growth, but also communicate your vision to external parties. 







Our custom business plans include: company profile, market research, sales, marketing, operations and financials with projected cash flow.

Business plans are detailed reports that are essential if you are thinking of starting a new business or restructuring your existing company. Having a good plan is extremely valuable, especially if you are looking to raise funds from institutional lenders or investors. In most cases, business plans also required to secure the lease on a commercial property. Having a plan on hand will also help you identify potential weaknesses, leading you to make sound decisions when it comes to improving your business model. We develop custom plans that can be used for bank loans, small business association (SBA), grant funding, investors, venture capital and more. Our approach consists of the following:


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